British Citizenship Practice Test on iPhone / iPod Touch

iCitizenship - UK

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You can take the "Life in the UK Test" on your iPhone/iPod now:

iCitizenship - UK Citizenship Test

This app is designed exclusively for applicants to pass the British citizenship test(aka Life in the United Kingdom Test). This test is also required for applicants of permanent residency(i.e. settlement or ILR, Infinite Leave to Remain) in United Kingdom. It provides valuable practice for people in all regions of Britain, such as Scotland, England, Welsh and Northern Ireland.

Benefits and Features:

Study or have a test anywhere and any time you like;
Give advices after each test;
Track the exam time like the actual test;
Hint during a practice test;
Choose the number of the questions in a test;
Display questions with wrong answers only;
Never run into the same test twice because questions and answers are shuffled randomly;
Pick the categories of content for self-studying;
Get familiar with the multiple-choice format of the test;

iCitizenship - UK Citizenship Test iCitizenship - UK Citizenship Test iCitizenship - UK Citizenship Test

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